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Gardener appreciating Geraniums from Barran Yennie Compost Garden Peat Products

Sizes and Varieties

Multi Purpose Compost

80 litre multi purpose compost
40 litre multi purpose compost
20 litre multi purpose compost
40 litre growbag

Irish Moss Peat

200 litre irish moss peat
100 litre irish moss peat


75 litre mini chip bark
75 litre ornamental bark

Ericaceous Compost

75 litre ericaceous compost
40 litre ericaceous compost


25 litre topsoil

Special 1 mixes to your requirement

eg. osmocote,intercept, vinyl

Multi Purpose Garden Compost

Barran Yennie Multi-Purpose Compost is a carefully balanced blend of Sedge and Sphagnum peat with added plant foods. It is ideal for general garden use, and for a wide range of plants.
Daffodil from Barran Yennie Compost Garden Peat Products

Compost for Plants

Bedding plants, houseplants, shrubs, herbs and vegetables will do well in this compost. It should be noted that this compost is unsuitable for azaleas, heathers, rhododendrons and other lime-hating plants.

Compost Usage

Thus compost can be used straight from the bag for sowing, cuttings potting, hanging baskets, troughs, tubs and window boxes. When potting or filling seed trays the compost should be only lightly firmed, and kept moist at all times. Drying out is to be avoided. It contains all the essential plant foods needed for 4-6 weeks after planting. After this time it is advisable to use a liquid plant feed In order to maintain good healthy growth.
Lily from Barran Yennie Compost Garden Peat Products

Sowing & Cuttings

When sowing, the compost should first be levelled, lightly pressed and watered in the tray, before the seeds are sown. The sowing should be done thinly and evenly, the seeds covered over with compost and lightly firmed. Very small seeds do not need covering.

The seed tray itself ought then to be covered over with glass or polyethylene to keep in the moisture. It should not be in direct sunlight until the seeds begin to shoot.

When the seedlings are large enough to be handled they should be transplanted into larger trays or pots, always being handled by their leaves - not their stems, and gently firmed & watered thoroughly. Cuttings should be placed, firmed & watered similarly for best results, and kept in warm and moist conditions.

Potting & Planting Out

When potting, the plant should first be watered, and the pot partly filled with compost. The plant can then be positioned into the centre. Then fill the remaining pot space around the plant with compost, carefully firming and watering. When planting out roses, shrubs and trees, use a half mixture of compost and garden soil in the planting hole.
Flower from Barran Yennie Compost Garden Peat Products

Hanging Baskets & Troughs etc.

It is necessary to line hanging baskets with either moss or black perforated polythene before filling with compost. Geraniums, fuchsias, lobelias and ivy both "work" and "do" very well in hanging baskets. Barran Yennie compost can
be used to very good effect in troughs, tubs and window boxes.

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